Weshalb man seine eigenen Bücher katalogisieren sollte

Emma Nichols trägt auf bookriot.com acht Gründe zusammen, weshalb man seine eigene Privat-Bibliothek z.B. mit LibraryThing katalogisieren sollte (via bookriot.com):

«1. Having your library accessible in an app or doc means never forgetting what you already own and never purchasing unwanted duplicates.
2. When you lend a book out, make a note, add a tag, or (in some apps) mark the book as checked out so you never lose a borrowed book.
3. If you ever lose the library due to fire, flood, or other disaster you can use the list to rebuild your collection and (depending on your insurance) possibly recuperate some of the money lost
4. Share the list with your family/friends and they’ll never buy you a book you already own.
5. If you’ve decided to ban yourself from buying new books, well every time you’re in a bookstore, look at your list and admire all the unread books you already own.
6. Track where/when you bought the book, and help preserve memories associated with the purchase.
7. Reorganize your library on paper first—whether by genre, author, pub date, etc.—to make the actual restructuring easier.
8. STATS. Do you own more books by men or women; more sci-fi or historical; short story collections or novels; Americans or Brits? Inventory your entire library and find out.»

Das soziale Bücher-Netzwerk Shelfari wird mit Goodreads zusammengelegt. Wer seinen Shelfari-Account zu LibraryThing migrieren möchte, erhält momentan ein kostenloses lebenslängliches LibaryThing-Upgrade (via LibraryThing Blog).

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