Zahlen Sie nicht für diesen betrügerischen ChatGPT-Klon

Lifhacker warnt unter dem Titel «Don’t Pay for This Scammy ChatGPT Clone» vor der kostenpflichtigen ChatGPT-App (via Stephen’s Lighthouse):

«The app is still live on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store at the time of writing, and I want to be clear: Do not pay for it. Don’t even download it. There’s no need to add onto the app’s metrics, which are depressingly good. It’s currently the second-most downloaded Productivity app on the iOS App Store, and has over 12,000 ratings with a four-and-a-half star average. That said, some users are calling out the scammy nature of the app, so hopefully those reviews float to the top as more attention is placed. Apple is even displaying ads for the app on its App Store, which makes the problem even worse.»

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