Die neue Plattform E-Space bündelt Inhalte verschiedener weiterer Portale und soll das Weiterverwenden von Inhalten vereinfachen (via infodocket.com):

«The E-Space Portal is a unique and efficient access point to billions of digital objects and resources from a number of major repositories, integrating the search results into common views, simplifying the search and offering users a set of tools to manage and share digital cultural heritage items. The tools of the E-Space Portal can also be used to upload personal datasets, clean, enrich and aggregate them, as well as to enhance the visibility and reach of digital collections with virtual exhibitions and engaging stories.

The E-Space Portal is a great starting point for users to discover cultural heritage resources that reside in distributed repositories. They can combine different sources with their own material, allowing them to offer new interesting narratives for the appreciation and communication of culture.»

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