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OneLook pattern matchAuflösung für folgende Frage: «Somewhere in Europe there’s a region of the Alps that has an odd, very distinctive name. It’s something like M________ Alps. (That is, the first term starts with an «M.») It’s not Mont Blanc, or anything like that. It’s just a single word that starts with «M.» And as I remember, it’s a kind of odd term to associate with the mountains. What’s the full name of this Alpine region?»

Dan Russell stellt auf SearchReSearch regelmässig Suchaufgaben. In der aktuellen Auflösung mit dem Titel «Answer: How to find compound concepts» weist er auf auf die nützliche OneLook Dictionary Search hin:

«It’s also worth exploring the space of possible search options for the online dictionaries. OneLook’s capabilities are fairly extensive–it’s not web search, but search in a dictionary, which can be really powerful… especially when you’re searching for specific terms / specific concepts. (For instance, remember our discussion about the «Egg of Columbus«? Here’s the query on OneLook [ «egg of * «] )»

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