OnMusic Dictionary und Visuwords

Makeuseof empfiehlt unter dem Titel «13 Unique Online Dictionaries for Every Situation» u.a. diese zwei Online-Wörterbücher (via Researchbuzz: Firehose):

OnMusic Dictionary

«If you are taking a music class or simply want to learn more about a musical term, OnMusic Dictionary has you covered. Just enter a term or composer and the search box will show you suggestions. Select one and get its definition which includes links to additional terms.

Along with the definition, you can listen to an audio pronunciation. And, for certain items you can hear song examples. For instance, the results for violin give you a few song samples that you can listen to or download like Beethoven’s Serenade in D major.»


«For a distinctive dictionary experience that uses visuals more than words, check out Visuwords. This website uses a mind map display to provide definitions. When you enter a word into the search box, a visualization will display with the nodes as words and related words.

You can move your mouse over each node to display the definition and there is a useful key to show you what the colors and symbols mean. Visuwords is a very cool dictionary tool, but does require a strong internet connection so just keep that in mind.»

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