Schweizer Plakat-Sammlung

Die Swiss Poster Collection umfasst rund 500 Schweizer Plakate aus der Zeit zwischen 1970 und 2011 (via Internet Scout):

«Crafted and curated by Swiss graphic designer Ruedi Ruegg and Professor Daniel Boyarski as a teaching collection, this collection contains Swiss photos dating from 1970 to 2011. The collection includes works by a range of notables, including Bruhwiler, Kulling, Leupin, Muller-Brockmann, Pfund, and Troxler. The range of colors and designs will surprise and delight casual visitors who might be unfamiliar with these works. All told, there are almost 500 items in this archive, and they can be searched by theme, creator, or decade of creation. First-time visitors might do well to look over the work «Knie Clown Dimitri» by Herbert Leupin. Visitors can save their own favorites to a lightbox for future consideration, which is a rather handy thing to be able to do.»

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