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Im Blog des Education Week Teacher wird unter dem Titel «Libraries and Librarians: Essential to Thriving Schools» die Arbeit von Schulbibliothekarinnen in Kalifornien beschrieben (via School Library Journal auf Twitter):

«My year-long project visiting schools and teachers in California has been particularly enjoyable in the past few weeks as I’ve seen some wonderful libraries and dedicated librarians. Merced High School’s librarian, Sarah Morgan, embodies what a great school library and librarian can mean to the overall quality of student life and learning. I first encountered Sarah at a conference in San Jose, California. The Institute for Teaching (a branch of the California Teachers Association) organized an Innovation Exposition to present the excellent work that its grant program supports around the state. Sarah collaborated with history teachers at her school to create programs that engaged students in multiple projects relating to the history of their city and its people; the resulting student work was presented in a city museum and garnered the praise of historians at the University of California at Merced.

In my day at Merced High School, I observed how Sarah carries out the mission of a librarian to function as a teacher of every student in the school, and a key support to the teachers as well. The librarian role also requires constant learning and sharing about resources – educational resources, community resources, and fiscal resources – that are essential to school and student success. Through Sarah, I was able to see some excellent student work for the projects described above, and also better understand her collaboration with teachers. And at the end of the school day, she was still welcoming students into the library, along with college students who were there to do some after-school tutoring.(mehr

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