TikTok und Bibliotheken

Princh erklärt, was TikTok und deine Bibliothek verbindet, und was sich für Bibliotheken anbietet, dort zu veröffentlichen:

  • «Book Reviews: You can make 15-60 second book reviews and share them on TikTok. Encourage viewers to check out the book.
  • Share your resources: Share what you do at the library! Like many libraries, yours probably has a lot of services and resources that you can share in a short video format. Invite viewers to try a new service or resource.
  • Staff being funny: I’ll guess you have at least one staff member who always makes you laugh. Get that person to “do their thing” in a TikTok video. TikTok’s algorithm is similar to Facebook and Instagram, in that if someone watches and interacts with your content (i.e., watching the video, clicking Like, sharing the video, leaving a comment, or following a user), that person will be presented with more of your content. For a library, that means that a fun video can help your more “serious” content get more views as well.
  • Library news: Can you deliver library news in 15-60 seconds in a short video format? I’ll bet you can! Do it in a fun, lighthearted way, and it will be watched.»

Bibliotheken, denen man auf TikTok folgen kann:

Calgary Public Library (@calgarylibrary)

Dover Public Library (@doverpubliclibrary)

Regina Public Library (@reginapubliclibrary)

Mustang Public Library (@mustangpubliclibrary)

Great Valley High School Library (@gvhslibrary)

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