Wie man ChatGPT für die Schlüsselwort-Suche verwendet

SearchReSearch benutzt ChatGPT und Bard dazu, Schlüsselwörter für die Suche zu finden (via searchresearch1.blogspot.com):

«This prompt trick («what are the most common subtopics related to ?») works well. You plug in a number for N and plug in a topic for and you’re good to go.

Another variant on this prompt is a way to just get suggested search keywords:

[ list without description the 5 top keywords for searching the topic tropical fish coloration variation by latitude ]

Bottom line: LLMs can be used to generate really great IDEAS and keywords for continuing your search.

And, as I’ve said before, don’t trust the LLMs to give you a coherent (or accurate) answer to a complex question.

Idea for this prompt snarfed from the Search Engine Journal article «How to use ChatGPT for Keyword Research.» Thanks to Dan Smullen for the inspiration.»

Update, SearchReSearch: Short summary:

«Don’t ask your LLM for specific answers to questions, and REALLY don’t ask for citations. At the moment, LLMs are all too happy to make up fake citations.»

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